Girls' Guide to Hawaii
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Geno, Herb, and Jay decided to spend the month of September 2007 in Utah -- hiking, biking, and camping. You know, their regular Campo Velo Hiko thing.

hibiscusThat sounded like a good time for Kay, Herb's wife, and Patti to fly to Hawaii for 11 sunny days in Oahu. It didn't take long to get the lay of the land. So here's our 6-step Girls' Guide:

1. Get a cute place to stay.
2. Shop.
3. Eat.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed.
5. Try to work off those calories gained in step 3.
6. Hit the beach.



Through our research on the Web, we found an artist-owned condo at the Fairway Villa. Great amenities, gorgeous view, fine location. Our 10th-floor corner spot got a lot of traffic noise, but that was the only drawback.
Comfy living room with sofabed Ala Wai canal and golf course, just off our lanai
Pretty scenery wherever you look Kitchen is tiny but well-stocked
Living room and bedroom share the long lanai (owner Susan Patricia's artwork graces the walls)
Lots of boating activity on the canal below us
Racing outriggers
Diamond Head and Waikiki as seen from the 29th-floor recreation deck. The rooftop deck features a swimming pool, spa, sauna, BBQ grills, and 360-degree views.


OK, well, we can't really show you pictures . . . that would be self-incriminating! Here's a short list of where we did some damage, I mean, window-shopped: Ala Moana center, Wards Warehouse, Waikiki shops, Aloha Tower shops, Kailua shops.
One of 4 bead shops where we . . . browsed Kay can't take it anymore

LOCAL GRINDS (aka GoodEats)

My, my, my. So ono (delicious), so little time. We did our best.

During our stay, we had terrific meals and visits with dear friends Jan-Brooke-Lynn-Sara, Geno's sister's relatives Jim and Sue, and Kay's friends from Arizona, Nora-Harold-Lee-Elaine. We had such good times that we forgot to take pictures!

Farmer's market in downtown Kailua -- not only fresh fruit and produce, but dinner-to-go, too
Everything looks good (the shrimp scampi was awesome)
Local pineapples, limes and more Ginger flowers
Anthuriums and orchids brighten the market
This was a night to remember, food-wise. The Taste of the Arts festival took over Nuuanu and nearby streets in Chinatown. Neighborhood restaurants sponsored food booths. Local chefs gave demonstrations. Bands performed, art galleries stayed open late. Patti even won a gift certificate from Kevin Ro (above right, in center) of the Diamond Head Market & Grill.
Oh, this place was good. For $10, we got a plate full of everything they served.
Soul of Cuba Cafe joined others serving Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, French, and American food. There were even an Irish burger booth and an English teahouse booth.
Cooks prepare walnut shrimp at the Little Village booth
Art, music, food . . . a fine combo